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Water supply machine features

Release Time:2019-04-25

2.1 accurate pressure control: digital pressure display, accurate to 0.1 kg.


2.2. Energy saving: the whole machine is in standby mode when no water is used, and the power consumption is less than 1 watt.


2.3 with the installation site as the reference point, the height range of the building can be within 1-10 floors.


2.4, high reliability, long service life: 2 years warranty, normal use of 10 years (refrigerator design life of 10 years) more than 10 years to reach or exceed the design life of ordinary household appliances.


2.5, easy and simple installation: indoor and outdoor upstairs and downstairs can be installed, sun protection, rain protection, lightning protection, is not limited to the location, no glue glue or heat melting device heating, quick connection with a wrench can be tightened


2.6, can directly from the well or water tank inside the water supply to the water point, do not need a submersible pump and high water tank on the roof to achieve tap water, water pressure is not enough places necessary, standardized water appliances products.


2.7. The machine has the function of sediment filtration, automatic washing, and the unique function of the machine is to prevent the blockage of water pipes and water appliances.


2.8. The machine has anti-freeze function, which is not available in all self-priming pumps on the market at present, and is also the core feature of the machine. This machine has the function of mute, which is equivalent to the household air conditioner.


2.9 the machine has the control function of the iot APP, which can be used to remotely adjust the control parameters and control the greening irrigation.

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