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Concluding remarks at the end of 2019

Release Time:2019-04-25

To our dear colleagues:

Good morning, everyone.

Flowers blossom and fall, and years flow. Today is January 28, 2019. There are still seven days to go before the Lunar New Year of 2019. On behalf of the company's management, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the employees who have worked hard and dedicated selflessly. Through the family members and relatives who wish to support our work all the time, I would like to extend my sincere greetings and best wishes to them.

We are gathered here today for the purpose of summarizing and reflecting on the past, looking forward to and planning for the future. Over the past year, our company has achieved sustained and stable growth in the overall business, and has made new breakthroughs and developments in individual areas. Compared with 2017, this year's sales growth year-on-year total output than last year's year-on-year increase in product quality has also surpassed and far ahead of many competitors. Employees are also growing. These achievements owe to every colleague of the company. Here, I sincerely thank you again!

Although the achievements are gratifying, but also the shortcomings of colleagues show that in the work of 2019, in addition to maintaining the existing advantages, we need to seek breakthroughs in the next development.

1. Customer-centered

Externally, we need to revolve around customers, consolidate old customers, develop new customers, tap potential customers, make every effort to meet the reasonable needs of customers, do a good job in the role of "famous supporting role", achieve rapid response, win-win stable relationship between the two sides. Internally, the sales department regularly combs the existing customers and regularly visits and contacts them, so as to realize the care and care for the old customers and to improve the maximum quality of work.

2. Innovation for Change

We are an integrated developing industrial company integrating assembly and sales. If we follow the old ways and stick to the old ways, we will only stop moving forward. Only by continuous innovation and constant change can we achieve long-term and stable development. Employees should dare to break the rules, explore, carry out strategic innovation, technological innovation, thinking innovation and consciousness innovation. Whatever is conducive to the development of the company, we should try, can try. Only in this way can we combine the development of enterprises to provide continuous power and long-term development in the industry to lead.

3. Teamwork

Employees, especially managers, should sort out the correct pattern and overall situation awareness, strengthen internal communication and cooperation, and take collective goals as the criteria to eliminate the emergence of small group ideas and narrow ideas.

4. liability

"Responsibility is more important than Mount Tai" is what we often say. Every excellent enterprise that can successfully develop emphasizes the power of responsibility. In a sense, responsibility has become the foundation of everyone and an important ability for the survival and development of an enterprise. Therefore, we should strengthen the construction of staff's sense of responsibility, abide by the company's system, pay strict attention to the details of management, every employee should do their best to do their own work, strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations. Every Department strives for perfection in every link, strict accountability and conscientious implementation of accountability.

5. Safety management

A fire can set a house on fire if it has a lot of money. Happy Home, an accident immediately plunged it into the abyss. We are well aware of the importance of safety management to "everybody" and "small family". In the new year, we will firmly control the red line of safety production, not relax safety management, unrelenting handling of safety, and not hesitate to solve hidden dangers. Strive to provide a strong guarantee for enterprise production and staff life.

Dear colleagues, there are no steps to go, no miles to go. No stream, no river. Yesterday's small achievements have already brought the joy of today's gathering, and today's continued efforts can show the continued brilliance of tomorrow. In 2019, we stand at a new starting point, magnify the existing advantages, highlight the potential advantages, let's unite as one, redouble our efforts, and make further progress. Strive for the realization of the company's new grand blueprint!

Finally, I would like to thank you once again for your efforts and efforts. Here I wish you all a happy New Year, smooth work, good health and happiness of the whole family. Here's an early day! Thank you!