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Daily maintenance precautions

Release Time:2019-04-25

Maintenance precautions:

1. Replacement of lubricating oil: open the oil hole screws in the sealing chamber and inside the motor respectively, release all the lubricating oil in the sealing chamber and inside the motor, and replace with new oil to ensure the normal operation of the lubricating system.

2, check vulnerable parts: submersible pump impeller, buckle ring, shaft sleeve, bearing seat is vulnerable parts. The first part of the pump should be removed, check whether the wearing parts are intact. Do not use damaged or unqualified parts.

3, remove the pump shell to prevent rust: before spring use, should be disassembled the most upper level pump shell, turn the impeller and then close the starting, in case the parts rust can not start normally and burn the motor. This maintenance is particularly important for water-filled motors.

4, dry motor: with 500 megohm meter to measure the submersible pump winding and the insulation resistance of the shell, if the resistance value is less than 0.5 megohm, should drive away the motor moisture. Drying methods include: external drying method, current drying method and combined drying method. External drying method is the use of external heat source for treatment, common measures are: after blowing hot air: the use of electric heater blower (agricultural small submersible pump available hair dryer) blowing hot air to achieve the purpose of drying treatment; ? light bulb baking: in a closed box, using several 200 watt bulb for baking. Pay attention to the baking temperature not too high, should be controlled under 125 ℃; (3) current drying: according to the submersible pump impedance and the size of the power supply of the motor three-phase winding in series or in parallel, and then access to a variable resistor, adjust the current flow is rated current value of about 60%, power drying.

5, to ensure that the seal: agricultural submersible pump on the seal requirements are very strict, in the replacement of indoor lubricating oil, if the oil is found turbid and high water content, the whole must be replaced or replaced the sealing box or sealing ring, to ensure its good sealing performance.

6. Check the bearing: check the upper and lower bearings of the motor. If wear or clearance is found to be too large, new bearings shall be replaced in time. The inspection method is as follows: if the motor operation, the generation of "click" sound, and the cycle is proportional to the speed, and when the hand rotation of the rotor feel laborious, is a little astringence bearing raceway or tearing phenomenon; If there is a intermittent "choking" sound in the bearing, there is an uncertain dead point when rotating the rotor by hand. Generally speaking, the ball bearing is damaged, the inner ring is broken or the ball is broken. In such cases, the bearing must be replaced to avoid further damage.

7. Ensure bearing lubrication: for water-filled submersible pump, check and replace the skeleton oil seal and lithium-base grease of the bearing chamber with the upper and lower end covers. To ensure that the bearing long - term lubrication in good condition.